In the Bloom Bloom Room

I feel very fortunate. I’ve come into this thing called music, in my “later” years, so to speak.  Wholeheartedly.  Not just listening or dancing to.  Participating, creating, hearing, watching.  I don’t know if I would have it any other way.  I am discovering and learning and becoming.  The passion grows with each discovery or teaching no matter how small.  How lucky […]

Love, A Many Splintered Thing

I’ve heard that in a relationship, as long as you like or get along with the person 51% of the time, it’s a good thing.  If it’s 49% of the time, you’re in trouble and you may want to re-think the relationship.  It’s funny what a few percentage points can do.  Just like in high school, how getting […]

Ch Ch Ch Changes…

Life.  Hmm.  Life.  Very difficult at times.  Yes, you have to take the bitter with the better but my bitter has built and I don’t like it.  I’m synical where I use to be positive.  Disenchanted when I use to see the silver lining.  I feel challenged on so many levels.  I see such self-centeredness […]

As the Borough Turns… (an ongoing saga).

Her long awaited trip postponed.  Days away from him on hold.  Comfortably lying on the shag, she lit the fire.  Running her fingers through her hair, she hesitated.  Then threw it in.  The box.  That box of desire.  This box which reaked of his smell, his touch, his kiss.  No longer to her avail, it had to be done.  Theirs had to […]

As The Borough Turns… (an ongoing saga).

As the drama takes a turn, his strong luscious kiss no longer play a part in her story.  She takes out her compact mirror, dabs on a little lipstick, puts on her sunglasses to meet the sun outside the office to hail a cab.  Her briefcase heavy and her datebook starting to refuel.  It wasn’t like her to fall for a such a cad….


How very right on…. Desiderata (Latin: “desired things”). 1927 by American writer Max Ehrmann. Desiderata Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even […]


Destiny.  Is there such a thing?  My fate.  Is it guided by my choices or set in stone regardless?  Can’t help but question the logic of what seems to bring me back to it all being circumstantial, sometimes coincidental but mostly derivative of circumstance.  Like a rock rolling off a hill that lands on a […]

The Floor

I’m heading for the floor, but I’m not dancing Lookin’ at the ground it’s bare, it’s cold It’s inviting The key to the dark room unlocked then seen Light hit the pixels the pixels spilled the beans I have to lay here for a moment find my way to a dream Where truth can hide […]

Kissing Frogs

Slow turn gonna gonna be one hard burn stayed through it over and over again should have been gone, that first time keep it movin, movin, movin on In the back now still clouds and smoke somehow clarity waiting for pick-up in the lost and found trailing for it like a hinted given hound can […]

Shooting Star

Hey you….shooting star….you are, you are….don’t you know.  Snow goes.  Drives slow.  Meets the river reaper.  Your time.  End or Shine.