My Virgin Blog

Here’s to, my first blog! My original title for my space was “Making Vows That Just Didn’t Turn Out Right. Ooh Yeah, Ooh Ooh Yeah” from the Led Zepplin song titled “Rock and Roll”. At the time (yesterday), I guess I was still seeing myself as a newly separated woman in the throws of divorce or dissolution as California so eloquently refers to it as, and having the “dissolution” be a large part of my identity. As I closed out the space for the evening, not having added anything else to it just yet, the title of my space or rather, my space “debut” didn’t quite sit right. I was too tired to think any further about it and promptly hit the hay (note the cowboy-cowgirl reference in the choice of using the word “hay”?).
As for today, awoken and refreshed, I had an undeniable determination to revamp that old wounded title, scorn it and toss it like sheets to the wind, and replace it with a title that goes to the center of my being and which speaks very much of the seriousness of my nature. And it goes a little something like this….hit it! (musical reference)….Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy”
Yeehooo! or is it Yeehaw!!! (originally written on August 20, 2005 through msn-spaces)

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