The Big D

Oh yes, it is The Big D. Could stand for The Big Day, The Big D*#K, or like it was meant…The Big Divorce but any of these will do, especially maybe The Big D*#k. Today was the first court hearing day of my divorce and it all feels like a blog, I mean a blur. I’m astounded by the way in which many attorneys seem clueless and actually stupid and it seems that many decisions are made, at least in the temporary stages of it all, based on which attorney can spin or divert the best. I felt nothing seeing my soon to be ex which is a milestone for me. Nothing in terms of wanting to be in his company or him in mine or his presence in my life. I’ve really moved on and it is quite interesting and freeing. For so very long, I did not think I could be free of the pain associated with knowing the relationship is going bye-bye and never seeing that one or sharing the same way again. But, I feel so full in my life and he was a storybook in the many novels of my life that was and is to be.

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