A Tisket, A Casket

Costco is now selling Caskets! I'm floored! Something about that is quite funny to me. Southern California Costco's are the first to make these purchases available. The entire casket is not on display rather about a 1/4 of the piece of each style is. Not available for immediate pick up though. You must special order.... Continue Reading →

Never Trouble Trouble Until Trouble Troubles You

If I have one eye on yesterday and one eye on tommorow, I will be cock-eyed today.Today, I will be in today. I will not so readily entertain fears of what might happen tommorow. I will concentrate on today and make it a good day just by the way I think about it and what... Continue Reading →

Crack In Two

My arm is about to fall off and my neck about to stiffen if I don't get my butt up out of this chair and STOP working on the computer. These days, I am doing EVERYTHING on my computer. I have even caught onto Online Grocery Shopping (we're they deliver) so that in the midst... Continue Reading →

Bloggin On

Today is Saturday and I am loving this time of year, as always. I love that it gets dark early and I love that it's chilly. I love the spirit that comes with the chill. The spirit of coziness, cuddling, kisses and get-togethers. That the apple-cinnamon aroma that comes from my candle is now appreciated... Continue Reading →

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