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Today is Saturday and I am loving this time of year, as always. I love that it gets dark early and I love that it’s chilly. I love the spirit that comes with the chill. The spirit of coziness, cuddling, kisses and get-togethers. That the apple-cinnamon aroma that comes from my candle is now appreciated as the burning wood of the fireplaces in the neighborhood fill the air. It says to me, family, love, togetherness, board games, soup, laughter, sweaters and simpleness. It says, put the fire on, let me lay next to you and cuddle, while I take in your smell, and while I hear my thoughts interpret my feelings of how at that moment, there is nothing better in the world.
This is what this time of year brings for me. Whether it was ever realized or will be realized, the comfort of knowing that it can be again or can be at all, keeps me smiling and satisfied in seeing the sun go down as it does nowadays at 5pm.
I had the joy of cooking today and it seems like it’s been awhile. Well, it has been awhile. I’ve been a working horse the last several months and have lost the balance of many of the things that bring me the sense of groundedness and balance. Things that make me feel good and feel “me”. Slowly, as I finish up the “protocol” of the paperwork of the daaaddi..daa.div..oo…rr.ce (I just really dislike that word) and now that I have given it over to an attorney, I am slowly getting that balance back into my life and it feels so good. Though I only threw on a few garlic and herb chicken cutlets (they were going to go bad if I didn’t) and some “summer crisp corn”, it brought me right back. Back to the whole of what I am. It felt so good. I realize, I have to have a kitchen that is used i.e. gets cooked in alot and has people in and out of it. That has apples on the window sill (so to speak) and a fridge full with food for family and friends.
So even though alot has changed and the past few months has had me leaning away from that and more toward the huff and puff of trying to “get it together”, I feel it is now all coming back together. Slowly maybe, but coming back together nonetheless.
I find myself with so many ideas and excitement to all that is in front of me. Time seems to go so fast. Hours in a day. Swish……it’s 9am and I look up and it’s 6pm. This is how my days go by. Yet, sometimes I wonder, how much did I get done? I have had a tremendous ability to bring on more and more with the ideas that keep coming. Though gratifying, the energy that seems to have slowed down a bit from within me, doesn’t seem to keep up and do things so quickly and I look again and question, what did I get done? Oy Vey Maria! Like I am in a hamster cage going round and round, pulling in different ideas and things to do, that are swirling around with me but I keep going round and round.
Yet, if I slow down a bit and really look, I’ve gotten a damn lot done. I’m just not seeing the instant gratification that I usually do that lets me measure what I’ve done or if I have reached some success.
I’m blogging on. I mean babbling on. Don’t want to bore anyone, just in case my blog, if it ever does get in the groove of being read by fellow bloggers, is read. So, as I sign off, I say… good riddance to you and may good sex accompany good love and may you sip your warm apple cider in front of a crackling fireplace this winter season and for the many winter seasons to come.
Scarves and cute hats.
Kissing and crackling fires.
Lips, whispering naughties. Tickling, giggling. Come closer.
My Fall. My Winter.
My Wishes.

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