A Tisket, A Casket

Costco is now selling Caskets! I’m floored! Something about that is quite funny to me. Southern California Costco’s are the first to make these purchases available. The entire casket is not on display rather about a 1/4 of the piece of each style is. Not available for immediate pick up though. You must special order. Selling for $899-$1300 (which is supposedly way below the norm of $10-20,000 or so for a retail casket). Great savings but….I wonder where you are suppose to put it? Do you have to purchase a storage unit? What if you buy one and live a long long time. Will the storage fees end up costing you more than the casket? If you keep it in your house to save on the storage, wouldn’t it be creepy having it there? Yikes! What do you do with it? Supposedly, people are joking about whether they are returnable! I guess Costco does carry everything!

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