Sagittarius Today

SagittariusNovember 22 - December 20Some pretty heavy soul-searching could reveal to you that the time has come to make use of a talent which you may have always had but never developed. This could involve nothing more than a little practice, or you could decide to go in for some formal training in the matter.... Continue Reading →

Birthday Love

Birtday Love is waking up and rolling over to get out of bed onyour birthday and finding breakfast awaiting you on your end table with a drink, a neatly set fork and a a poem: "Though by the time you wake up, your eggs might be quite cold, it's the thought that counts, right?, or... Continue Reading →

The Pillow and The Head

Christmas already!! It was just Labor Day a few minutes ago! In a couple of days, I will officially be a year older. In a few weeks, officially divorced. In a month, officially into a whole new year. I take seriously what I heard Terry Hatcher say to Bah-ba-wah Walters "you can not predict where... Continue Reading →

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