Birthday Love

Birtday Love is waking up and rolling over to get out of bed on
your birthday and finding breakfast awaiting you on your end table with a drink, a neatly set fork and a a poem: “Though by the time you wake up, your eggs might be quite cold, it’s the thought that counts, right?, or so I have been told. I love you so much, I can’t express. All I know is you’re the best. I’ll never forget out San Fran endeavor, the memories will last forever and ever!” This, set out for me by my soon to be 18 year old daughter before she had to go off for school. To think, she was downstairs cooking eggs for me at 6:30 am couldn’t express more love than that. If you know Taylor and how she likes to sleep, you would understand what I mean!
You know the movie “Jerry McGuire”? When Renee Zelwegger says to Tom Cruise “you had me at hello”. Well, I was had at the scrambled eggs. If nothing else happened for me today, I would feel that I had one of the most special birthdays ever.
She did not stop there and she made the rest of my morning and day very special with an array of thoughtful surprises.
This beautiful soon to be woman who I am lucky enough to have in my life as my daughter, zoned in on me and gave me more than I could ever ask for. It is not even 8:30am and she had me at the scrambled eggs. I couldn’t ask for more.

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