I Now See What They See

I know now why Heath Ledger is getting alot of attention lately or at least I'm hearing alot about him. He is a handsome, yes? A handsome....hottie. Saw Casanova http://movies.aol.com/movie/main.adp?_pgtyp=pdct&mid=22797 and enjoyed it much. Found Heath to be mucho sexy. Something about him. Suttle in his sexuality, but strong. A good actor as well I... Continue Reading →

The Clutter and the Debt

As heard on the Suze Ormond show today; "clutter" she says, "equals debt" a.k.a. a lack of respect for money. Her theory is, we use our valuable time to work, to make money, to buy things. If we treat our things in a tossed kind of way without value or respect (sort of like the... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year 2006

Started the New Year dancing into the night. Refusing to make any resolutions. Instead, making a mental note for an appointment with myself about a year from now, December 31, 2006 establishing a date for when I will recap and celebrate the goals that I set out and achieved in 2006. Resolutions don't exist for... Continue Reading →

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