My Bigger Bloggers Bump. My Bump, My Bump, My Bump.

I don’t know about you, but my little-er ladies hump. My hump, my hump, my hump. Is seemingly getting larger to a bigger bloggers bump. My bump, my bump, my bump. Since I’ve joined the blog craze and can do almost everything now from the wide world web at large (pun intended).
I order my groceries online, liked some blacked eyed peas (yah, pun!) @ and “wah-la!”, they arrive and are delivered right into my kitchen. I call the enlargement of my bottom from this particular lack of exercise my “just put it over there, derier”. My derier, my derier. my derier.
When I need to get up and out, to get a stamp? No problem. Why get up? When you can do like I do and print em’ right onto the envelope from
Banking, shopping, telephone calls and voicemail. That’s right, online. But when it comes to blogging, that seems to be what I find myself sitting for massive lengths of time for.
So, to all you fellow bloggers of America who can relate… Get up! That’s right. Get up! Get out of that Chair! Come on, you can do it. GET UP! Now! Grab your coat, grab your water and if your lucky enough, your ipod ,and get your butt, your butt, your butt, out the door for a little circulation training or in laymen’s terms: Walk! Get up, get out, and take a walk. And no comments back for me to “take a walk, please!”
Upon your return, when you look sideways in the full length mirror, together in web spirt land, we say proudly: Here’s to, my bigger bloggers bump. My bump, my bump, my bump, becoming a “baby’s got big, but bodacious bloggers back. My back, my back, my back. My bodacious bloggers back.
Blog on and blog night.

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