The Enquirer

I’ve got a person in my life who is like a bad tabloid magazine. Takes part of a truth and spins the crap out of it. Like the marketing dept of the tabloid, they twist, heighten and add-in what will best sell the magazine. In my case, “he” twists, heightens and adds-in to distract from the creepy things that he actually does so not to effect his marketing campaign of himself which is to sell people on what a “great guy” and “lover of people” he is. if they only knew what he says when they’re backs are turned! But like the tabloid, there are people who see through him and know it’s a bunch of crap and don’t waste their time and then there are those who get into it and jump on the wagon.
My lesson, and it is self-empowering, let ’em say what they want and defend not thy position. The people who are going to buy into that crap, aren’t people worth my time to begin with. It’s a freeing feeling and a philosophy to live by.

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