Hold ’em Texas

Okay, I'm hooked on the poker tv thing. I don't know what happened as I have passed the channel tons of times and never had an inkling to want to sit and watch. I guess I never understood what was going on so it didn't grab my attention. Well, for some reason, the other night,... Continue Reading →

To Be Or Not To

What a wonderfully perfect day today was. Because I let go and let be it all just went and ended up going the way I always wanted something to go like and for me, there were parts out of a story book that happened.....because I just let it be what is was and didn't try... Continue Reading →

An Ex of the Unbenowngst

Okay, I just have to say that I think my ex has sincerely lost his mind and I honestly don't know how I spent all that time with the mentality that he has. No wonder I went kookoo. There is so much darkness and hate and negativity that I am taken aback and it's not... Continue Reading →

Hangin’ Out With Cal King

It's Friday night. Call me crazy but I'm hanging out in my bedroom, something that I haven't done in a very long time, just hang out. I've got stuff sprawled on my bed while my 50" HDTV is watching "Mad Money". Oh that Cramer.....! He's pretty cool. I'm sipping on French Vanilla Intent'l Coffee while... Continue Reading →

The Crap Filtration Project

So today I am in Santa Monica in a hotel recovering from some minor surgery. I feel wonderful believe it or not. Yet these are, like certain holidays and successes, the times in which my heart goes a pitter patter for all the old times and people I have shared and share love with and... Continue Reading →

Clean Sweep

There is a huge transformation going on in my life that I see now has been developing over this past year that I am able to recognize with a real sense of clarity. It is truly amazing what seems to be a metamorphosis within myself and my surroundings. There is and has been almost a... Continue Reading →

Denny and Izzy

What a love story. If you don't recognize the two characters named in the title, you don't know what you are missing.

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