Over and Out and the Feel Good of it All

It is a wonderful feeling to be able to be told that your ex just returned back from a trip to Hawaii and not so much as flinch. If you would have asked me a year ago to even think of something like that, I would not have thought I could handle it. Today, it is such a feeling to sincerely, within my “self”, wish him well and be past caring if he’s in love, having a hot affair or all or none of the above. It’s like the hard part of having to face that “notion” (him having stars (whether love stars or sexual stars) in his eyes for another woman) is behind me as I thought it was and now my thinking that I was over it proved itself in my non-reaction to “the news”. I think I am so relieved to be at this point in my life and past those feelings that held me prisoner for so long that it completely outweighs any negative feelings I would have otherwise had. This is a huge stepping stone for me in the forefront of my life.

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