The Love of a Dog

My pup Lil’ Cowboy, now 6 months old, got neutered today and I’ll tell ya, you really see your love for a dog when you know they are vulnerable and probably scared. The guilt I felt as I was heading toward the vet to pick him up after his “operation” was intense. Was he sitting there scared and in pain and not understanding why I left him and am not there during this scary time. I guess I felt like I abandoned him and that was my guilt. Probably not guilt about the operation but that I was gone and left him there. I didn’t have a choice. That is the “procedure”. Sometimes I would like to challenge the procedures put in place when they seem more for the comfort of the system then of the patient. But, as I learn as I get older, you have to pick your battles and weigh them out to everything else, and that could mean alot of different variables.
Would I have ever thought that I would be talking like this about a dog? No. Today’s experience and my experience with Lil” Cowboy has me a part of the dog lover crowd. It’s a whole different world and they really do become like your kid.
I saw today how attached I have become to this dog. Kind of like the old adage “you don’t know what you got till it’s gone”. Well I guess I didn’t realize how I really felt until he was what I perceived as his feeling alone and scared and that I was gone.
Well as I type, Lil’ Cowboy lays a few feet away from me with this ridiculous plastic thing around his neck and I know he must be wondering what the hell is it that keeps knocking his head back when he tries to walk through a doorway or get passed a narrow spot but is relieved just to be home to even give a damn.

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