Clean Sweep

There is a huge transformation going on in my life that I see now has been developing over this past year that I am able to recognize with a real sense of clarity. It is truly amazing what seems to be a metamorphosis within myself and my surroundings. There is and has been almost a natural occurence of a clean sweep of garbage from my life on so many levels. It’s almost like my life is being looked at under a microscope and the yukkies are being plucked out and the goodies are being moved closer in and I am just building my self, my life, my world to this incredible place. I have a stronger sense of who I am more than ever and an even stronger sense of what I will and won’t put up with and most importantly how I am really at a place where I could give a hoot of people’s opinions of me or how I do things, whether they like me, don’t like me, it just doesn’t matter. What matters to me is “my” life, those who are in “my” life who I value and those who are in “my” life that value me. The rest of it, well, just doesn’t make cause for my concern. It really just doesn’t.

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