The Crap Filtration Project

So today I am in Santa Monica in a hotel recovering from some minor surgery. I feel wonderful believe it or not. Yet these are, like certain holidays and successes, the times in which my heart goes a pitter patter for all the old times and people I have shared and share love with and memories.
I even for the first time in a long time missed my ex and remembered love we shared. It was a nice feeling though lasted only a nano second as the memories (and thank god for these memories in the forefront) of the down right crap I put up with and what had to have been a very low self esteem of mine and complete confusion to be with this type of person for as long as I was or even to begin with, smartened me up to let the miss feeling disipate and let me move on to friends and family whom I am so grateful to have in my life and all the zillions of lessons I am learning about my life, communication, centeredness, purpose, love, and the list goes on…..
This past year and ever since I turned 40 has been like a “thriving” period of amazing growth and understanding of myself and strength and independence all while filtering out crap. Crappy people, crappy things, and working on filtering the crappy things about my self which of course I find in the process of “The Crap Filtration Project”
With that, I’ve got to say, in a parallel mode with the above, that I am having a hell of a good time in my life and have been for some time. I have always been into doing things and doing life but there is something about turning 40 that has turned me into a “living life” mogul. I have to say that I have been having a heck of alot of fun this past year and I really enjoy being single. I’m sure at some point that will wear off and I’ll will want to be committed again but for now, the Cowgirl in me is walking through different towns, boots and all, checkin’ out the Cowboys (most who are offering a ride), and I’m doing a two-step or two and having a heck of alot of fun. Yeehaw!
Life is good. It’s just the Cowgirl in me!.

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