Brunch with a Bunch and Some Punch (A.K.A. Margaritas)

So, I’m excited about tommorow. I decided to invite some friends over for memorial day brunch. A small intimate gathering. It is something special for me as I purposely want to make it intimate to develop even stronger relationships. I always have bigger gatherings and I wonder if that came from some sort of fear of being more still or rather fear of coupling together the right couples. My friends are very diffferent from one another so I guess when it is smaller, the “in-common” traits I think challenged me to worry that no one would talk to each other or something. It’s kookie I know. So, I’m at such a good peaceful place in my life and I am not going to worry about any of that other than I have a few recipes I want to share and I want to delight my friends in an afternoon of a laid back afternoon sipping margaritas and tasting some delicious food. The menu: Salad al la Cowgirl, Avocado Boats (appetizer) Tri-Tip (Grilled), Penne Rigatta with Sausage and Cannellini, Penne Pesto Pasta and home made Tiramasu.
I took a break from the start of this writing and am now back the next morning to finish up. I just refrigerated my first home made tiramsu and it was very simple. I think it is going to be delicious. I made the sausage and cannellini sauce last night (it was pretty simple and quick yet so darn delicious, so my main recipes are ready to go…. and it’s just 8am (I woke about 7:15 or so! I’ll have the rest of the day just to do my own thing and just pull out the food when guests arrive. I love that I am learning the preparation of the food ahead of time.
So here is my first real “fully” homemade menu that I am sharing with some friends….I’m really looking forward to it.

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