In Search of My Good Samaritan

So two nights ago, after taking a late night workout with my trainer, I run out of gas in my car while driving home. Luckily while the car was doing a "pump and stump along", it had enough juice to let me squeeze into a side street. "GEEZ", I say to myself, "how did I... Continue Reading →

Can’t Help Myself

Could you believe that as I write this, I am sitting at a picnic table about 25 feet from a lake while 4 person bicycle things and picnic people surround me and pass me by. My picnic table sits at an angle onto the lake so it is almost like a perfect picture. What I... Continue Reading →

Did I?

Did I? No. You see, I really now understand that I have a HUGE problem. No. I didn't get my paperwork done as is expressed in the following blog. Can you believe it? This is a problem I am having for the past year. What's up with that? I mean it's huge. A huge problem.... Continue Reading →

Sittin’ The Ass Down

Okay, hell or high water, sunshine or not, I'm gonna sit my ass down and get my paperwork in order today. Once and for all........I've been procrastinating and getting distracted from it. Like I have an addiction to do anything that takes me from it, anything fun, outdoors, outside, with people, friends, fun. What the... Continue Reading →

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