Sittin’ The Ass Down

Okay, hell or high water, sunshine or not, I’m gonna sit my ass down and get my paperwork in order today. Once and for all……..I’ve been procrastinating and getting distracted from it. Like I have an addiction to do anything that takes me from it, anything fun, outdoors, outside, with people, friends, fun. What the hell is that? It’s been like this for a good year. It was suggested, with all that went down with the divorce, I am doing things that make me feel good and have fun and to be around people. But today, focus and get it over with……Look at me, I’m am so against doing it I have to try and push myself by making a commitment on my blog…sort of like if I let it out of the bag, I have to do it and live up to what I say I’m going to do. After all, “mean what you say, say what you mean”. I’ve got a good 4 hours to do it before I tee off and play a bucket of balls at 5pm. So here goes……
Ah… goes…….
Okay, Okay, I’m going……

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