Reality Show

So, this has been an interesting week. The company I work for is part of the reality show American Inventor and I am getting the chance to experience that whole reality show process. Ya know, the cameras in your face while you are trying to act like they are not there. Cameras and mics moving position every few minutes while you are having a conversation. Ya can’t help to wonder while your periphiral vision is seeing this large black rectangle (camera) staring at you or hanging dangling thing (mic) over your head, whether or not they’ve got your good profile side (lol!). But really, it is not easy to zone the crew and the cameras out but after a while you do kind of get use to it and forget for a nano second that they are there. That is until you stutter or stumble over your words or say something that seemed a little blonde!! No blonde jokes, please…. Oh well, that’s life. I mean, that’s reality show life.

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