1st Gig Nerves

So, we have our first “gig” on Saturday. Me and my band (5th Day) that is and I am getting nervous! I don’t quite feel prepared and the band has not had a decent continuity with a bass player. I haven’t been working my voice the way I should because of all the craziness at work and the show and getting ready for my summer stint back home in NY (that’s a whole other story!). With me being more of a performer and needing as much¬†experience as I can get with the vocals, makes me a little trepedatious BUT the show must go on and we will proceed forward with what I got, what we got and what anybody got or wants to get (or not) and hope for the best and hope not to be booo’d off the ever-lovin’ stage!

Though it is not the biggest or most credible of gigs, it is still our first and there will be many people there. Of course, it had to be in the bright daylight of the afternoon so that I cannot hide behind the lights that shine brightly in your face not letting you see the darkly lit audience. No, I have been given the opportunity to be on a stage where I can see evvvverrrrrything and evvvverrrrrybody.

I’ve always said to eat your vegetables first, philosophicaly speaking and once again, if I can get passed this, the rest (any future performances) will probably be much easier (dessert so to speak). Then again, this will be my last gig with this band for a while. So I guess you can say this will be my debut and my finale (sob, sob.) For now.

Oy, the way life changes……like that (snap!).

I just realized a way I can get around the feeling of the bright lights big city seeing everybody thing. Sunglasses! And with just the right ones, can go just perfect with my rock and roll outfit. YES!!!

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