We did it!

We did it! Our first gig! We rocked the house! I feel “official” and it feels great. I feel most great that I did not let the comments about my voice needing some work (which it did I admit) by some visitors at one of our practice sessions stop me from getting up there and getting the experience so that I could get better. I knew going in (up on stage for this gig) that I didn’t know what to expect from me or the band or the PA system and it was very scary.

From the experience of our practices and the way our practice PA system is set up, I sound good one day and absolutely horrendous the next. It is somewhat of a sophisticated PA and none of the band really quite know how to work it right just yet. From my practice experience, which is all I really know how to measure what could happen, I didn’t know if at this gig I would sound good, be maybe passable or totally stink.

Knowing that there was a real potential that I could stink and in front of a bunch of people who have come to see us play, is not an easy pill to swallow and go forward with. But I have fallen on my butt so many times this past year in other areas in my life and have gotten right back up on my feet again that I couldn’t let the potential for scrutiny stop me. This is what I am most proud of myself for. Not letting the possibility of failing stop me from going for it. Risking it. Even if I stunk, I would have been exhilirated that against all fears I had the nerve to do it.

The reward of getting passed that is tremendous.

But………….I didn’t fall on my butt! We (the band) were good, I was good (no Babs Streisand but good enough) and it all came together just right.

We were even invited to open for another band at a different venue next week asking us to do the same set we did today!

But now, a dilemna…..

How am I gonna tell the band I am leaving??????

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