Girls Gone Homework

It was a Girls Gone Homework night last night here in Seattle. A long day of training followed by wine, cheese & crackers, veggies and the like, loudness, laughter and of course....homework. I was a little late to this "study group" as I was out with my Director at dinner getting the low-down on my... Continue Reading →

Seamless in Seattle

I'm sitting in Seattle, semi on the patio (semi meaning 1/2 way between the patio and the large open patio doors) on the corner of Westlake and Denny Streets at the Whole Food Markets sipping on a coffee (gotta in Seattle) and eating this perfect on a patio muchie chocolate cake with melted fudge surrounded... Continue Reading →

Kirkland (Seattle), Washington

Well, I think Seattle's (to include surrounding towns considered "Seattle") got me. Of course, driving from the town of Redmond to the town of Woodinville daily (via the back roads and still considered "Seattle") on my way to my training days for my new position this week lent itself to a down home diverse drive... Continue Reading →


Fergie is ilicious. I like what she has to say. She writes (or her music reflects) in many ways how I think or strive to think. Big Girls Don't Cry (a favorite) drives right to the center of this point.

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