Seamless in Seattle

I’m sitting in Seattle, semi on the patio (semi meaning 1/2 way between the patio and the large open patio doors) on the corner of Westlake and Denny Streets at the Whole Food Markets sipping on a coffee (gotta in Seattle) and eating this perfect on a patio muchie chocolate cake with melted fudge surrounded by whipped cream and topped with fresh strawberries. All this while I have a perfect center view of The Needle. Ya know, the flying saucer structure that is to Seattle like the Empire State building is to New York.

As this past week was filled with meeting and socializing with my new company and co-workers and seeing the more local (and quite quaint) spots, I sit here today with some alone time free and contemplate if I should venture on my own into taking what looks to be an outside elevator to the top of The Needle. Or should I “Ride The Ducks”, the topless tour buses that seem to be a staple in all cities across the nation. Or as a third option and one that I am leaning to (because I really am just kinda pooped), should I sit put and continue to watch the people of Seattle and get the vibe of the city?

I’m not quite sure if I am even in the right part of the city to get the real feel. This unsurity takes me back in my head and reminds me why I have in the past kept so many notes on the “non-tourist” and best of places to go in different cities. These are all those little tidbits you hear from those gazilion travel and food shows or even for instance the publications like Con de Naste (spelling?) or other credible magazines. I just cannot resist running to look for a pen and paper when someone mentions some place of interest, then shazam, it becomes a part of the file.
This file would have (if I would have dipped in and planned more ferverently) pointed me to the real hot spots and get a more authentic taste of this city.

But life isn’t always as seamless and beautiful as the many waterways of Seattle and Washington in general. With its crisp clean water, exquisite homes perched on the docks or right on the water with sailboats and jetskis flowing while Mount Renier (spelling?) and its white capped topping standing tall and intimidating in the background. So luckily, as my new work headquarters office is located here, I will undoubtedly be back here again and as soon as December for sure. My files by then will have succumbed to my curiosity and my research will lead me to more options than just the touristy Needle or Duck bunkers.

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