Wam Bam, Damn Van. No Regrets, Got The Jam.

I've got this thing with cars conking out on me.  If they're not running out of fuel, they're running out of battery juice.  What's up with that?  Ha. So, I get this audition to join a band on Friday.  Schedules had fluctuated over the last few weeks and it was hard to get together.  Finally, both sides available... Continue Reading →

The Old Man and the C (Cooper and Cane)

Couldn't resist getting out of the car in the Staples parking lot in the Bronx to go over to this older gentleman (75+) who passed by me in a red Mini Cooper and pulled into one of the car slots.  He was definitely up there in age and looked on the frail side.  Not someone you... Continue Reading →

As The Borough Turns… (an ongoing saga).

As the drama takes a turn, his strong luscious kiss no longer play a part in her story.  She takes out her compact mirror, dabs on a little lipstick, puts on her sunglasses to meet the sun outside the office to hail a cab.  Her briefcase heavy and her datebook starting to refuel.  It wasn't like her to fall for a such a ding dong....

Cha Ching

I am not quite sure what it is but I have a family who has such a drive to go to the casino that opened up in Yonkers this past year.  With the exemption of my brother, me and my sister, the rest of them to include my cousins and aunt(s) are like bees circling... Continue Reading →

Head Game

I played golf this weekend in Scarsdale with a few of the "Golf Chicks of Westchester" at the Saxon Woods Golf Course and I never played so awful.  I was sooooooo ADHD today.  Scattered in the midst of a most beautiful day which is supposed to be relaxing and calming.  Not with me though.  Wasn't until after about the 7th... Continue Reading →

The Next Sand Box

I was once told by a woman who I highly respected regarding men.  She said, "if the boy in the sandbox is not making you happy, move on to the next sandbox.  To have fun.  To play.  When playing with that boy doesn't seem to meet what you need or what makes you happy, no need for whining... Continue Reading →

Perfect Evening

To me, my evening last night was the perfect evening.  I say this because since my arrival in the Bronx, evenings out have been more on the late side into the wee hours which then infiltrate on the normal process of the next day.  Sort of the hours I kept when I was a teenager... Continue Reading →

Okay, I’m Better.

Okay, I'm better.  Of course I am.  It's that "get through the day and get a good nights sleep and you'll wake up on the right side of the bed this time" kind of thing.  Ya think?  Well if anything, going through these anxiety things seems to get me closer to an understanding of what... Continue Reading →

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