Mountain Momma

West Virginia, Mountain Momma, take me home….country road! That was the song I was singing passionatley under my breath after getting lost in the back mountain roads of West Virginia this weekend with my brother on the way to my cousin’s house in Blacksburg, Virginia to pick up a car they gifted to my mother. Of course, getting lost came when the dusk fell…making it all that much more scarier! Almost hitting several dear didn’t help and wondering if a bear or Michael from Halloween is going to jump on the car and eat us when making a u-turn after discovering we made a wrong turn on some narrow dirt road that requires a slow drive so you don’t fall into the ditch didn’t squash my fear either. Thank God I was with my 6’4″ brother who I knew wouldn’t let anything happen to me.

Nevertheless, we made it home and in good condition. No meetups with Michael or Sasquatch. Although the almost toothless guy with a heavy back-country accent behind the counter at the abandoned looking gas station who we asked for directions made me wonder if he had a refrigerator in the back filled with body parts and was now thinking of adding a blonde head to it!

Stopping at the first Starbucks we could find helped give us back the feeling that we were now back in mainstream society or as mainstream as you can get within farm distance, moo-ing cows and chicken coops. Starbucks seems to save the day every time and I for one can now say they ARE everywhere.

One cannot take away the day time experience of beautiful farms, scenery and the perfect Autumn turning leaves that accompany that part of the land.

All and all, it was a great trip with great conversation and memories built with my brother. One thing I know for sure, I will never be singing that John Denver song the same way ever again…

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