Salute to Salute! (pronounced Sah-lu-teh)

It is nice getting my feet wet back in the New York City world of cuisine. The atmosphere, the buzz of the crowd and then of course the food. Of course one cannot forget the sophisticated selection of wines, especially reds that go hand in hand with these types of restaurants.

My first impression of Salute! (an upscale Italian restaurant on the east side of mid-town Manhattan) was a sense that it has been around. A feel that they had probably updated to a modern artsy decor some time ago and have kept it that way. Probably can use a little more updating but nevertheless a chic atomosphere.

The food was outstanding. To start, we ordered a couple of appetizers. The Freddi (Mozzarella con Prosciutto Di Parma) was delicious. The cheese and prosciutto were of the highest quality with flavors that worked perfectly together. The Ravioli (Braised Beef, Wild Mushrooms and cream) is what I heard to be a staple here at Salute! and deservingly so. Yum. So delicious. Melt in your mouth good. Just writing about it makes me crave for more…

Onto my entree, which was Filet Mignon with Roasted Fingerling Potatoes and Spinach. Again, delicious. I mistakenly asked for it to be cooked medium-well (which could have some Filet Mignon lovers rolling over backwards) but nevertheless, it was still right on good.

To top off a perfect evening of high quality cuisine, how can one pass up the desert menu and the line item Tiramasu. One of the better Tiramasu’s I have had in a long time. Of course, the after dinner drink of Coffee with Frangelica closed this cuisine event just perfect.

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