Rattatouille. Don’t You Mean Rat-a-Disgusting-Ewy

So I’m sitting in a pizzeria restaurant type deal in Brooklyn Heights and I’m thinking how cute the atmosphere is.  Every few minutes or so there’s a loud rumbling sound and I realize it is the underground subway cars passing beneath my feet.  “Interesting” I think to myself.  Feels like I’m experiencing a real city moment.  One for the books.  That is until something catches my peripheral vision to my left on the floor near my booth seat.  I look down and for a split second question my vision.  Kind of a shake the head “nah, just seeing things” kind of moment.  This moment doesn’t cease for when I actually take a full look I see what is the back end of a rat and its long disgusting tail (obviously going back toward his home after grabbing one of the crumbs of my pizza crust that I dropped).  Oh, yah….it was a real city moment alright…enough to pack up my computer and high tail it out of there.  Not to say I didn’t question for several hours after that if the dough, flour, cheese, sauce or salt shaker used to make and flavor my pizza met up with the rat or it’s family the night before and was now sitting in my stomach.  Groooooooooooosssssss.  

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