Hard Day

Today is a hard, scary day.  I don’t have the same hootspa I used to have.  The hootspa that I would kick fear to the side with a big karate kick and move forward.  Today I cannot seem to kick it and I am afraid of alot of things.  Yesterday I wasn’t.  The day before I was.  Mostly, I am afraid of the rug being pulled out from under me.  I guess it’s been my experience alot in the last year and a half and the fear is popping it’s head.  What I have begun to re-build to be taken away and for me to be left lost. You see, it is not where I am right now but it is my fear.  To lose everything and I am doubting myself and my abilities.  I am not sure where to turn.  I know I have to turn to me but me is afraid right now.  It’s just the truth. 

One thought on “Hard Day

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  1. I think you have issues…. you think tooooo much… just live life to the fullest… put God first, then family, then everything else…..if you do that you won’t have soooooo much anxiety like Chris (brother).. he is just as nuts as you are…… lol lol lol…. i told you guys before i am nothing like ya’ll…. i just pray to God to get me through it all.. try it sometimes, you might just like it… lol lol lol

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