Okay, I’m Better.

Okay, I’m better.  Of course I am.  It’s that “get through the day and get a good nights sleep and you’ll wake up on the right side of the bed this time” kind of thing.  Ya think?  Well if anything, going through these anxiety things seems to get me closer to an understanding of what is wrong and what is right in my life or what is just fear with reason or fear without due cause.  That “if you have one eye on tommorow and the other eye on yesterday you’ll be cockeyed today” kind of theme.  Or the “Is Aunt Flow visiting anytime soon” question of nature.  Ya know what I’m talkin’ about? 

 So I’m watching Oprah yesterday on one of the cable channels that repeats the shows and the Dr. guest says there are three things that are vital for a woman to have/do regularly to create the beta-endorphines that create ultra-happiness for a woman.   Exercise, Meditation and Sex.  After a few moments I think to myself “no sh*t Shirlock” and then a long pause infiltrates my thoughts while an understanding of where I may be going wrong chimes in and rents space in my head…Ah hah!  I say to myself……………………… 

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