Perfect Evening

To me, my evening last night was the perfect evening.  I say this because since my arrival in the Bronx, evenings out have been more on the late side into the wee hours which then infiltrate on the normal process of the next day.  Sort of the hours I kept when I was a teenager or in my twenties.  Mind you, I don’t mind a late night here or there or on some weekends but I’m talking if you want to have a good day the next day too then last night for me is an example that I consider a win-win. Getting the best of an evening yet getting home to enjoy a great sleep to wake up and be productive and energized the following morning.

So this evening that I call perfect consisted of an outing at a restaurant (E Restaurant and Lounge in Mt. Kisco) with company that were great, energized and understood the meaning of good conversation, good food and good wine.

We started the first course with Coconut Shrimp, Fried Calamari and Chicken Skewers.  Though the Skewers were very spicy, the Shrimp was delicious and the Calamari, even though I am not generally a Calamari fan, was very good.  Second course was a fresh salad topped with mozzarella and perfectly sliced thin pieces of eggplant.  The dressing was outstanding.  Third course was a tri-level serving (3 dishes) Broccoli Di Rabe, Chicken Eduardo and Eggplant Rollatine.  I personally loved the Chicken while the other dishes were very good as well. 

To top off the evening, we were served a Vanilla Ice Creme Crepe and Cappucino with Frangelico.  Mama Mia!  Deliciouso!  Of course, the evening started and ended with a red.  A very good Pinot Noir.  Castle Rock 2006 Sonoma, California.  This is a wine I will be buying for my own table (once I find a place to call my own and actually get a table that is).  It is a wine that being red of course goes with the usually red sauces (gravy’s), red meat etc. yet light enough to pair with chicken and the white sauces. 

Of course, the guitar player who played a few songs for the group which got some people up dancing (yes, I danced) was a perfect addition to what was already a great evening. 

There was the opportunity to stay later in the evening at the bar that had a great atmosphere, continued entertainment and good people but I felt all of my senses already satisfied, I didn’t need more. 

I arrived home around 11:30pm, was able to get my latest catch-up on the days happenings with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News, get myself ready for the next day and then succumb to my bed with my ridiculously comfortable sheets that I am now addicted to and fell asleep extremely contented.

I highly recommend the restaurant and the Pinot Noir that was selected by Chef Eduardo.

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