Head Game

I played golf this weekend in Scarsdale with a few of the “Golf Chicks of Westchester” at the Saxon Woods Golf Course and I never played so awful.  I was sooooooo ADHD today.  Scattered in the midst of a most beautiful day which is supposed to be relaxing and calming.  Not with me though.  Wasn’t until after about the 7th hole and finding and using a Titleist ball (was using Nike) that I started to relax, feel the wind, appreciate my surrounding and hit a few good ones.  Was it the Titleist that did it?  Hmmmm.  Or the psychology of the Titleist that did it.   Hmmmm.

I can’t blame the rental clubs I rented (mine are still in California) and I can’t blame the ball.  What I can blame is my scatteredness.  I was reminded by a golf member (which supports my Titleist ball theory above) that golf is all in the head and since my head was all over the place so was my game.  Terrible.  Terrible. 

Of course I am now more determined than ever to practice and get better and nail my game.

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