The Old Man and the C (Cooper and Cane)

Couldn’t resist getting out of the car in the Staples parking lot in the Bronx to go over to this older gentleman (75+) who passed by me in a red Mini Cooper and pulled into one of the car slots.  He was definitely up there in age and looked on the frail side.  Not someone you would even think of driving this kind of car.  I was already amazed when I saw him and his age through the window but was blown away when the driver side door opened and a cane lead his way out.  I had to tell him how I had also been a proud owner of a Mini and that I thought it was soooooo cool seeing him with a cane and then a Cooper. 

He elaborated about his love for the car and his driving it fast and how it hugs the turns (ditto I agreed).  He then went on about his son who lives in Del Mar (California) and the fires that are going on there right now (yikes!).  He himself was an M.D. (no, he didn’t ask to check out my anatomy! LOL).   Before we can talk any further,  my mother honked the horn for me to “come along now” as she had to go to work .  We quickly said our goodbyes.  How refreshing it was to see people live life to the fullest against all odds or age (or a cane for that matter).   

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