Freak Out

Woke up in the middle of the night from reaaaaaallly freaky nightmares.  Really freaky to where I was very frightened and had to force myself to think of good things to get myself to sleep.  It was scary.  I'm not sure where this came from other than the Mexican food the night before, the coffee,... Continue Reading →

En Route

At 2pm today, I realized I had to get to Cali tonight to make all that had to happen happen by Monday.  So.....I am impressed how I am actually sitting here at the airport bar sipping a double Cape Cod with plenty of time (about 2o minutes before we depart).  Smooooooooooooth as silk.  Got my... Continue Reading →

As the Borough Turns… (an ongoing saga).

Her long awaited trip postponed.  Days away from him on hold.  Comfortably lying on the shag, she lit the fire.  Running her fingers through her hair, she hesitated.  Then threw it in.  The box.  The box of desire.  The box which reaked of his smell, his touch, his kiss.  No longer to her avail, it had to be done.  She had... Continue Reading →

Zippity Zoo Da

  I had a chance to be a kid again with some friends at the Bronx Zoo's night light show last night.  We baked marshmallows, rode the Carousel and snuck off the beaten path with flashlight in hand to visit the Birds of Prey.  The big white owl and the vulture scarred the heck out of... Continue Reading →

Undercover Therapy

What I love about my family, as crazy as we all are at times, is that we are very close.  How cool is it that I get to my mother's house last night after a day in Manhattan.  My brother is in the bedroom watching tv sitting on the bed working on his laptop.  I ask him if it... Continue Reading →

New York Daily News Amuse

The Daily News in New York comes up with the most clever front page headlines.  I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I was riding on the subway and a guy across the way was reading the paper.  The headline had Paul McCartney on the cover "caught" while walking on the beach with a... Continue Reading →

Lul of the Air

There are those Sundays that lay with a lul in the air that feels lonesome .  Today was like that.  At least for me.  It is especially apparent, this lul, with the winter days that are starting to show up here in New York.  As beautiful as New York is during the fall, and it is quite... Continue Reading →

82nd & 2nd

Well an interesting Saturday night.  First, I realize as I am about to get on the Throgs Neck Bridge heading over to The Bay Club in Bayside, Queens to pick up my friend Nancy for her birthday celebration that I have no cash for the toll booth.  Luckily I realize this in time enough to catch the "last exit... Continue Reading →

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