Lul of the Air

There are those Sundays that lay with a lul in the air that feels lonesome .  Today was like that.  At least for me.  It is especially apparent, this lul, with the winter days that are starting to show up here in New York.  As beautiful as New York is during the fall, and it is quite gorgeous, when it is met with a bit of gloom overcast on a Sunday, it can feel what I can only describe as this lul.  A certain lonesomeness.  Maybe it’s just me.  I don’t know.

Usually for me, days like these in my past were met with coziness, fireplaces, cooking, a good movie, wine, or a project going on, my daughter running in and out or caught up on her computer in her room, my boyfriend or husband at the time doing his thing around the house or with me.  My projects were my house, cabin, business, entertaining, building a family and a warm fun contented life. 

Today, I am not there and I have to remember that it doesn’t mean I won’t be.  It will again.   I am just adjusting to my life taking a 360 turn.  I happen to turn on the tv and Castaway with Tom Hanks was on and it made me feel alot better and I also realize that everyone goes through times of lonesomeness and it’s okay.  Just get through it…….and it will pass.

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