Undercover Therapy

What I love about my family, as crazy as we all are at times, is that we are very close.  How cool is it that I get to my mother’s house last night after a day in Manhattan.  My brother is in the bedroom watching tv sitting on the bed working on his laptop.  I ask him if it would be okay to hang out with him on the bed for a while because I was feelin’ sad about something and just needed company.  “Of course”, he says, not knowing what I was sad about and picking up it was not something I wanted to talk about but rather just to know he’s “there”.  I then grab my favorite comforter and get a pillow.  I wrap the comfortable over my whole body to include my head and curl up under it to hide from the world.  Every once in a while I turn around and pop my head out from under my covers to see what my brother is working on or what is on tv and make small talk and sometimes fall into a catnap.  These catnaps were some of the best deep comfortable cozy cat naps I ever had.  I felt like me and my brother were back when we were young on our bunk beds facing the world the best we can with each other by our sides.  I think I needed to feel that again.  Even if just momentarily.  I feel extremely fortunate.  I guess sometimes you have to go through a sad experience to get to see what good there is out there too.  Life is strange but seems to have lessons in it all.  Go figure.

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