All The Greatest Memories of Life Happen….At The Table

Another wonderful evening last night with a great group of people.  This time it was at a restaurant in Harrison, NY called A’Tavola (The Table).  Their tag line “All The Greatest Memories of Life Happen…At The Table”.  I took my Aunt along with me to join in on what ended us up on the dance floor at another restaurant in West Harrison, NY called Chef Andre’s (I think). Needless to say, at A’Tavola the Zucchini Ribbons (crispy fried, shaved parmigiana, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil) were superb.  The Mesclun salad was a little spicy for my taste but overall very good.  For the entree, I ordered the Hanger Steak (miso marinade, hot and sweet cherry peppers, vidalia onions, garlic mashed potatoes).  It was a little too sweet and a bit tough but overall good.  The dessert (Apple Streudel with vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries) seemed to lack something.  I couldn’t put my finger on it.  I enjoyed the red wine, a California 2005 Cabernet selection I believe but as I had sipped on an amazing Cabernet the night before at Mario’s on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, it couldn’t compare.

So alot of us ended up going for a night cap at one of the guy’s friends restaurant who is the chef and owner of Chef Andre’s in West Harrison where I was told has outstanding food.  I look forward to giving it a try sometime down the road.  Upon arriving, Chef Andre turned up the dance music at the bar and I couldn’t help but start dancing and everyone else joined in.  It was alot of fun.

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