En Route

At 2pm today, I realized I had to get to Cali tonight to make all that had to happen happen by Monday.  So…..I am impressed how I am actually sitting here at the airport bar sipping a double Cape Cod with plenty of time (about 2o minutes before we depart).  Smooooooooooooth as silk.  Got my ticket online around 2:15pm for my 6:05pm flight.  No traffic.  $5 bucks to the Skycap (no line) and about 5 minute line on security and “wa la” in like gin.  Pretty cool for a holiday weekend.  I am consistently impressed with Jetblue.  Of course now that I’ve said that I may land somewhere in the ocean but…..I musn’t even think that (not if I am to adhere to “the secret”).  Anyways, just in case…..love you all even if we were fighting – ya da ya da ya da…you know the deal.  

Must run…get some munchies before I board……

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