Put Another Dime In The Jukebox Baaaaby!

I LOVE Rock & Roll!  My band changed some musicians and turned Rock.  The new musicians genre of experience is Rock & Roll and I couldn't be more happier.  Before this, we had started with the Blues and it just wasn't my "thang".  My passion lies with music that gets you up, either dancing or stomping your feet or gets you... Continue Reading →

A (small) Miracle on (or about 197 blocks up from) 34th Street

  Note:  If the above window does not show a slideshow of pictures, just click on the "x" it will then show the pictures.  Sometimes there are those little magical moments that happen that make you wonder if there really may be a Santa Clause.... It's no surprise that my family drives me crazy sometimes.  Oh yes, I am... Continue Reading →


Last week was a whirlwind.  California, Seattle, meetings, parties etc.  Coming home to a snow storm (kind of) and then gambling last night for a few hours at the local casino.  Yes, they have a casino about 5 miles from the Bronx.  Go figure.  Woke up with having to make some Dr. appointments with my cold now in my chest,... Continue Reading →

Blown Off and Babbling

Well, I think I've been blown off.  I say "think" because unlike Sex and the City where Carrie at least got a post-it note from the guy who dumped her, this one I guess didn't have the testicles to even do that (and we were only friends!).  This makes sense (the way he chose to blow me off) since... Continue Reading →

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