Blown Off – Retraction a.k.a. Kicked Out Of The Club

A few blogs ago I wrote all about my involuntary membership into the Blown Off Club.  The club where we persons who have been unwittingly dropped by a friend, a lover or a whomever of a whatever, who blew us off and gave us the diss.  The diss without a proper kiss……off.    

In my blog however, I did have a sort of clause, a second guessing benefit of the doubt sort of thing going on in my head that maybe somehow the perception or experience that I was having of this person blowing me off may be incorrect in its forebaring and if so then I was going to be in big trouble (in a lighter sort of way) especially after calling this person a macho ding-dong (among other things).  

Comes to be that I did mis-diagnose the situation and must retract that I was blown off by this person.  A misunderstanding on my part.  A technical interference or whatever you want to call it.  Bottom line is this guy did not give me the heave-ho or the diss-dang (though I cannot say for sure that it’s not because he is not settled with not being able to heave-ho ON my diss-dang! LOL).

So, in essence, I am kicked out of the club.  The Blown-Off Club.  No longer am I a blownoffee.  That is, for now,  For sure I am not naive enough to realize that in the world of “singledom” you-win-some and you-lose-some and there could very well come a day when I am back in the club, dancing away with the other clubettes (both men and women alike) with our middle fingers in the air singing along proudly and loudly to “I will survive”!         

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