A (small) Miracle on (or about 197 blocks up from) 34th Street

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Sometimes there are those little magical moments that happen that make you wonder if there really may be a Santa Clause….

It’s no surprise that my family drives me crazy sometimes.  Oh yes, I am sure they would say the same about me but seeing that this is my blog and my forum to vent, we won’t be going there….lucky me.

In any event, those high emotions that raise their lovely head higher and more intensely during the holidays when everyone seems to be a bit more sensitive to everything and then some, were making there rounds in my Mom’s house where Christmas was to be celebrated.  Everything in general was actually pretty great except for one person (and I won’t name names) who wouldn’t let up and the day hardly even started yet. 

I saw myself getting increasingly disappointed and saddened.  Outwardly I laughed as I saw how ridiculous this person was being.  Inwardly I was very sad and in disbelief.  Part of this came from the expectation of the picture perfect romantic verve of Christmas I had in my head and the other came from feeling like the oddball-out that my family is dysfunctional like this.  

Well a moment came upon me to call this friend of mine and to let off some steam.  I had by this time gone through most of the day semi-ferclempt even with this great hike I took with a friend (which I might add has left me aching for two days now).  Upon answering, I was told how funny it was that I called as this person was just at that moment reading my blog. 

Immediately I confessed my sadness and resentment about my family and Christmas being ruined yada yada yada.  In a surprising quick wrist of a twist I received a response that with just a few simple words turned everything around.  What was it that was told to me and in such a straightforward matter-of-fact sort of way that withdrew my agida and made me in the mood for eggnog and cookies and whistles and woolies?   The drumroll please…….to my feeling hurt, or sad or disappointed or mad or all four and more with my family…….. the response was….”it’s their job, that’s what they are there for”. 

Those words just did it for me.  I think it just put everything into perspective and made me realize how normal my abnormal family is and how most families are going through the same thing everywhere, one way or another.  This person also reminded me about my own blog dated 11/13/07 about my family and started reading it to me, it was perfect.    

This little call to my friend right at the moment my blog was being read and just the right response was that little miracle that came about that changed my perspective 360 and allowed me to have a fabulous Christmas and realize how really lucky I am. 

On another note, it didn’t hurt that later in the evening I was invited to a friends where there were quite a few ho ho ho..hotties.  Now if only I can get some perfect words that help me “get it” about diciphering between the the ding-a-lings I let dance in my life sometimes and the good ones……

3 thoughts on “A (small) Miracle on (or about 197 blocks up from) 34th Street

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  1. I still think you have issues but we all do…. I know who you are talking about, but this is how this person is…. Maybe you should try to be more of a daughter. Go over your limits. That person won’t be around forever and you will regret not doing all you can as a daughter. Go beyond your expectations of her…. Help that person more. Don’t try to change that person’s behavior, pray about the behavior… i am sure once you do that that person just might surprise you…. Comfort her, Love her. Yes that person is a handful but so are you…..This person gave you life and it wasn’t perfect, but God can take your life away….. think about that….. i still love ya though…..

  2. well I have to leave another comment because my sister called me and she doesn’t want to look like a ding dong and I was talking about the wrong person any way… well first of all that person needs to get off the juice….. That person abuses the juice and is abusive.. I can go on and on and on abot this person, but the truth is. You all need to get the hell out of mommy’s house….. You are all more then grown indiviuals and it is time to move on up…..and there is no room anyway why are you there.. So yes you are a ding dong…. hahhahaahahah lol lol olol

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