Much In Crush

I just turned on the new season of Scott Baio's reality show "Scott Baio is 46 and Pregnant" and I am floored.  What a guy.  What a show.  Did I say, what a guy?  I am seriously in-crush.  Yes, I know, it is so immature but what the heck.  I want Scott Baio. 

Men As Dessert

Is he a piece of chocolate cake, a slice of apple pie, a delicately slithered pecan pie-warmed and topped with vanilla ice cream or is he a specialized Tiramasu dripping with espresso and cream served with a HOT cappuccino mixed with Frangelica and Baileys topped with a whip cream chaser? Remember girls, men are just dessert........and I myself favor the Tiramasu.


Arriving at a place in your life when what comeths and what goeths doesn't take from what you goteth.


That feeling you have for someone or get from someone who you know deeply feel contempt for you or you for them.  Anybody in your life like that?  Well, I know a few who have it for me and it isn't purty (a.k.a. pretty).  I can not be bothered with people like that, either way.

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