Hard Day’s Day

The last two days have been extremely hard.  The kind of days that everything to do with your achilles heel (weak points/most vulnerable points/what gets ya) is coming at you at once from all angles and you just got to do your best to keep your wits about you.  Sometimes your wits are not strong enough and you get... Continue Reading →

The Gift Conspiracy of Love

Well it is turning out to be a great day here in New York City.  I'm not sure if anybody else feels that way, but for me it's a great day.  I feel exuberant and contented in my life even if it is not "exactly" where I want it to be but nevertheless I am... Continue Reading →

Love at Frostbite

What a morning in New York.  If you walk for too long you might find your fingers falling off.  It's a cold but sunny day.  Did I mention cold?  Grammy's were great last night.  I was very much touched by Kanye West's song to his mother who just recently passed away.  The lyrics were emotionally brilliant,... Continue Reading →

Over Easy

Darn I'm sad and damn, I suck at over. More importantly, I am the one who feels rejected/dejected/dissed/tossed/thrown to the dogs, ya know....ego de-boosting things.  I didn't even want it anymore!  Or did I ever really?  Or, am I just being a spoiled ego driven brat who didn't get what she wanted the way she wanted and pissed because... Continue Reading →

Good Morning, New York

A wonderfully rainy day we have woken up to today.  The kind of day you wake up refreshed, put a nice comfy sweater on and get the indoor things done.   In my case, indoor being my office on the 17th floor smack dab in the middle of and with a view of 42nd Street.  I could... Continue Reading →

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