Love at Frostbite

What a morning in New York.  If you walk for too long you might find your fingers falling off.  It’s a cold but sunny day.  Did I mention cold? 

Grammy’s were great last night.  I was very much touched by Kanye West’s song to his mother who just recently passed away.  The lyrics were emotionally brilliant, I thought.  Amy Winehouse – a character and Carrie Underwood nailed “Before He Cheats” with the dancers who seemed right out of “Stomp” or “Rent”.  Cher looked great and Tina Turner rocked the house.  What is she 70 now?  Gives hope to us girls who have hit the era of 40 that we have a long way to go to still stay young, sexy and hot (if we want). 

The Cirque De Soleil tribute to the Beatles gave me chills.  No wonder they get upwards of $200 per ticket.  Fergie showed she’s not just a pop singer but rather has a great voice and Alicia Keys, oh, I just love her and love that song “No One”.  You can see it in her performance that she wrote that song.  Performs it straight from the heart obviously for someone she has or had a passionate love for. 

Is it me, or isn’t that what it’s all about…..when it comes to love.  Reminds me of how fortunate I have been to have had it like that, how lucky I am to still want it and how brave it is not to settle for less.  Go Alicia…..I’m with you girl!

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