Emotionally Reflected

I seem to be attracted to emotional retards.  What’s up with that?  Please, no “it takes one to know one” jokes.  Though it just might be quite true.  LOL.

One thought on “Emotionally Reflected

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  1. HA! Emotional Retards! That’s a good one! If it makes you feel any better, my crowning achievements include (but are not limited to):

    ~ A man who can now be found in prison.

    ~ A mama’s boy who ended up having a side that was more physical than I would have liked.

    ~ A chronic drug addict who almost sent me into financial ruin over his habit and who DID send me into emotional ruin.

    ~ A man who needed emotional support which he doesn’t get from his GIRLFRIEND and

    ~ A child-like 35 year old who can’t get his shite together enough to maintain a job.

    Heh, not to play the game of “who has had it worse,” but just to share that you are not alone in your judgements. *smile* Sometimes just knowing that you aren’t the only one somehow makes things just a hair better.

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