The Gift Conspiracy of Love

Well it is turning out to be a great day here in New York City.  I’m not sure if anybody else feels that way, but for me it’s a great day.  I feel exuberant and contented in my life even if it is not “exactly” where I want it to be but nevertheless I am on track.  For sure. 

So, now that Valentine’s Day has passed and the lonely souls of the world have gotten through it…Am I talking about me one may ask – in a freudian slip type of way?  Well, one may never know.  It’s between me and the large glass (okay, two glasses) of delicious Shiraz I had last night.  Now, was it shared with a fellow Valentino with a verve of romantic potential or…was it a night shared alone wallowing in the lack of love despair sharing only the night with the glass and the lick of my lips of that delicious Shiraz.  Hmmmmm??? I think I will reveal that tidbit a little bit down the road.

Nevertheless, it’s come to my attention that you don’t lay down one holiday of gift-giving before you have to go out and get hit with another.  Were these holidays really derived from love (Valentine’s Day), spiritual (Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza and the rest), family (Thanksgiving), etc. or was it an economical third eye world begotten conspiracy thing to get us to buy, buy, buy.  It’s like we all have second careers as Personal Shoppers in this day and age.       

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