Hard Day’s Day

The last two days have been extremely hard.  The kind of days that everything to do with your achilles heel (weak points/most vulnerable points/what gets ya) is coming at you at once from all angles and you just got to do your best to keep your wits about you.  Sometimes your wits are not strong enough and you get hit with such a feeling that no matter what you do you can’t help but gulp, turn, think of anything you can to stop what is about to be a force up from your stomach up into your throat then up into your eyes to those then fast dropping tears.  The kind of overwhelm that if you are in public where you know if anyone asks even the slightest questions like “do you have the time” you are going to blurt out tears and any words you say will be broken up in between the breaths that are trying to keep it all together and held back. 

It’s the weekend now and I still am not back to my total self and still feel somewhat vulnerable and not the more fearless person that I sometimes am.  

Nevertheless, what I’ve learned and continuously am aware of is your best bet is to just do your best with what has landed that day, that minute, that moment and if it is hard, a negative or a challenge, get through it as fast as possible because…..just around the corner…..the good is on it’s way and will always show up again.  Always.

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