Welcome Back

Oh, how I missed thee my little expression box of blog-o-licious.  My lil’ ‘ol outlet.  The place where I go when I need to let it out, let it go, let it be or let’s get it on….The place where I express the pleasures or unpleasantries of life as it flows in my boat.  Workin’ it (life) the best way and in the best way I can and attempt to intercept any of those lovely episodes of life that come our way challenging us to take the low road or the high road …..so, dearest Oh BloG Di, it is time, to get back in the swing of things and start to swang. 

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  1. Robin Rich, how are you? Did you ever make it to the Tolentine reunion a few years ago? I feel terrible because you called me and I really wanted to see you but I never called you back. I never called you back because I did not have your number. I did not know that you left it on my voicemail until several weeks later. I had just moved and your call for some reason went into voicemail, which I never use. I tried to reach you but could not. Anyway, I hope you are well. It looks like you are living in NY again.
    I got married one year ago. Can you believe it!!! It’s a big change.
    Please drop me a line sometime. I would love to see you.


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