A Little Cheese with that Whine?

Okay, so my last blog was a little long and a little whiney.  Although true to how I was feeling then, and if I am to have a little extra cheese for a slight more whine, a bit of how I am sporadically feeling now.  Although I see the light a little brighter now!  Halle-hecka-luyah!

I think it’s all about my upcoming move….it’s scary, working too much….and saying goodbye along with seeing all the changes and how fast I was able to get back on my feet and move upward and onward (against all the wishes of some people who wanted to see me fall, and fail). 

A big part of all the weirdness that I was feeling is I think that I have worked so much that I had lost sight of my goals and excitement of attaining those……I guess after being so aghast recently to the yuk of feeling the blues, I forced myself to dig deeper and take the time to draw out my interests again and am a bit back on track.  I’m seeing further than just my immediate surroundings which is where I think I got stuck.

Anyways….gotta go….leaving work and hopin’ on the express bus (yes, goodbye my last Wednesday night taking it home-since I’ll be moving over the weekend) and trying a burger at a Bronx joint (P&K’s on 231st Street off of Broadway) tonight with my aunt.  This is a place where I haven’t been to since I was probably 12 years old and where my ex-babysitter use to work.  Funny how life takes you in circles.

One thought on “A Little Cheese with that Whine?

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  1. I happen to go on your website to see if you made comments about the things that went on in March and you haven’t…. so… i just want you to know that I don’t want to see you fall or fail. I never did or do. Sometimes I just don’t like your behavior but it doesn’t mean I don’t love you or like you. I have an opinion about things. You also have to understand that I have been going through adjustments in my life and that is why I came to NY whether it was the right time for everybody maybe maybe not… I understand that you are not talking to nobody and that is fine, I can’t change that. Congradulations on your move I truly hope that everything works out in your life and that you are happy… love your sister Starr

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