Where’s the Rainbow

I feel I have lost my trust with God and it is not good.  Yes, maybe I am tired and emotional from the long weekend and the sun but I can't deny feeling very disappointed and extraordinarily hurt and broken-hearted by many things and many people in my life.  More importantly I am exhausted from always having to be... Continue Reading →

Here Comes The Sun…

What a beautiful perfect weather weekend it was.  You couldn't ask for it to be better.  Not too hot, yet perfect to throw on your suit and head for the beach, relax...listen to music and just let go of any junk renting space in your head.  Bathing suits, sippin' martinis, beach, beer, 3 bands....barbecue and...boys (a couple of... Continue Reading →

Pole in the “Hoe”

Okay, I think I'm back.  Back on track.  Back in the saddle and smack dab back in the sack.  Hmmm?  Well not really back in the sack....at least not just yet.  Which is probably a part of my problem to begin with.  Anyways, I was thinkin', I may be one of only a few girls/women in Westchester (who... Continue Reading →

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